My History

I am pleased to annnounce that, since September 29, 2012, I officially started my company. I cumulate over ten years of expertise in various fields including computer and consulting services, access control systems, alarm systems and monitoring station, IP & Conventional camera surveillance systems (CCTV), audio / video and home automation and special electronic projects. I am able to offer a wide range of products and services.

Having personally tested several brands and models of security products, I can advice you on the purchase of these products. Since the age of fifteen, I build computers. Therefore, I developped several computer skills which helped me with new technologies such as IP cameras.

This new technology, although more expensive than conventional CCTV technology, represents the future. It is the only technology that can give you HD resolution. It provides, in addition to a high quality, the ability to record the same image quality. It is also possible to enlarge the latter once an event occured and therefore get a better picture of the suspects.

Although there are several companies offering these services, I distinguish myself by my concern for the quality of installation, my customers satisfaction and the quality of the installed products.

I can connect your current security system to a monitoring station at a very competitive rate.

In addition, Dclick Solutions provides customized computer training, consulting services, IT purchase and installation of all types of audio (speakers outside your home, built-in loudspeakers in the ceiling...) and video (home theater systems).

I graduated in electricity (1800 Hours DEP). I am CCQ Alarm systems intaller as an journeyman.

I am a member of the Master Locksmiths of Quebec and a licensed agent and agency in the field of locksmith work and electronic security systems issued by the Bureau de la Sécurité Privée. I also hold a valid liability insurance.